This is my site. I want to write down my thoughts here and post things I like. One day, I will make it all pretty! But I'm just really busy, there's so many things I want to do in my time.

Daily thoughts:

-10.12.2018. I found a really nice band yesterday: Misthyrming. Also, I'm going ice skating today with my friends for the first time.

-10.12.2018. evening - I am never going ice skating again in my life.

-15.12.2018. - AOTY

-6.1.2019. - me when I see my friends working hard (note from a later time: the link used to lead to an MP3 file of the beginning of the song "Adoration for None" when Joe Duplantier says "Everyone is doing their best")

-29.11.2020. I just remembered this site! I am happy to read my old posts and remember the time I discovered Misthyrming. They are playing in my city next year hopefully. I can't wait!

-10.12.2020. I visited my friend today. I hadn't seen her in a long time because we're not in the same classes anymore. She lives in such a beautiful modern flat! We ate lots of sweets and we had apple strudel for lunch. Then we tried to program in Fortran and then we played Bubble Trouble. We got to level 17/25. And I found some sandpaper stuck in a bush on my way there?! Free sandpaper!

-9.10.2021. Almost a year ago, I wrote that Misthyrming is coming to play in my city. That didn't happen, but they are probably going to play here NEXT year. Also, there will be a Gojira show too next year. I've already bought my ticket. I love Gojira, I can't wait. A lot of things happenned since my last entry. One of my roommates moved out to another country, I will miss her. I sufferred from COVID-19, I'm still suffering the consequences. I failed some classes because of sickness too and now I have to take them again. I've had a fever for months, since Easter. But also, I heard a really good music album.


-8.10.2021. I was in a clothing store looking for warm, knit clothing. Inside, I was with my friend, who died years ago. There was a section with toys that we were looking at. Some woman passing by asked us if that's for our little girls. We said yeah. I put an arm around my friend's shoulders and said "You're my little girl". There was a My Little Pony toy with a very long mane, which was colored magenta, then yellow, purple and green. Its body was orange and it had no tail. We were amazed by the pony's long mane. There were also dolls which looked like Monster High dolls, but they had a prehistoric theme. One had short blue hair with streaks of other colors and she rode a chocobo while having roller skates on her feet. Then suddenly I was in a swampy area near a castle. I walked on fallen trees that linked islands in the swamp. I took photos with my camera.

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